Should We Give Up Our Cars And Start Walking Again?

It is clear that the planet Earth and the automobile cannot coexist for too much longer. Even cheap car insurance site cannot keep them economical. While it would represent a huge sacrifice in convenience, automobiles should ideally be phased out of use over time, as a means of preserving the lifespan of the planet for as long as possible. Walking to the places you need to go, much like humans and similar species have done for millions of years, seems to be the most healthy and environmentally conscious way to get from point A to point B. Even so, walking is not a very popular means of transportation in the modern era.

A little over one hundred years ago, temporary car insurance didnít exist (you can go here for a UK site). Bicycles were on the cutting edge of human engineering, carving their way through cities at four or five times the pace of a human on foot. In the early 20th century automobiles were invented, forever revolutionizing the way humans travel. Indeed, the drive of mankind is a powerful and unmerciful force. Unfortunately, the many benefits of cars come at a high price, primarily the incredibly negative effect that the burning of gasoline has on the environment. Given these obvious and tangible negative impacts on our planet, is it time that humans got rid of cars and got back to walking?

While the obvious answer to the aforementioned question seems to be yes, things are never as simple as they appear. Automobiles are so deeply engrained into modern culture, it is nearly impossible to conceive of a world without them. Paved and raised roads criss-cross every section of densely populated land all over the world. Peopleís lives are constructed around the duties that their automobiles are able to perform, such as taking them to a faraway workplace within an hour that would take nearly 20 hours to reach on foot.

Unfortunately, companies are pouring billions of dollars into selling automobiles to the American public, and almost nothing into selling them walking shoes. Americans are able to get behind the wheel of a car easily and quickly. Renting a car for a weekend and purchasing temporary car insurance can all be done in a matter of minutes. While it would be unfair to blame the player for simply playing the game, it is obviously a sign that the general mentality toward transportation has become very skewed.

Less driving and more walking needs to be promoted, and more importantly, rewarded. By giving the typical American some type of monetary kickback or substantial tax break for walking instead of driving would be a huge step in the right direction. People can often realize and understand that doing a certain thing would be beneficial to the planet, but in order to get them to do it, certain rewards have to be in place. In short, people should definitely give up their cars and start walking again, but it will only be achieved by making the transition highly beneficial to the average American.